theatre of radical compassion

My peer and friend, Kristina Friedgen, and I have been co-imagining a model of theatre called "Theatre of Radical Compassion," abbreviated TRC. This work stems from our desire to consider how to harness theatre's potential to foster compassion that extends into tangible change and action. We pull from artists and scholars such as adrienne maree brown, Augusto Boal, Bertolt Brecht, Tess Onwueme, Jemar Tisby, Sonya Renee Taylor, Davina Cooper, and Judith V. Jordan.

The current vision statement for TRC is: 
TRC facilitates everyday disruptions of dysfunctional, dehumanizing structures through compassionate action and interpersonal connection.

everybody at ASU

In October 2021, ASU will produce Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Kristina Friedgen. I will fill the role of "Rehearsal Facilitator" on the show. Kristina and I will test and put into practice many aspects of our TRC model in this production, including how we organize the production, conduct the rehearsal process, and approach audience engagement. My work specifically will focus on how we can view the rehearsal process as a space (1) to practice on the small scale the social change we want to see on the big scale and (2) to grow relationships that uplift us and empower us to act in our everyday lives. 

ATHE Directing Debut Panel

In August 2021, Kristina and I will present a workshop titled "Distance and Connection in Theatre of Radical Compassion" for the Directing Debut Panel at ATHE's 2021 Conference. This workshop uses methodologies from TRC to consider how directors can use distance to facilitate, rather than inhibit, connection within their productions.