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The mental health monologues

Mental Health Monologues Flyer.png

In September 2019, I had the opportunity to present an original work of theatre that I created based on a series of interviews with individuals who have had experience with mental illness and mental health-related topics. Originally envisioned as part of my legacy project for a leadership organization, this project has been the most meaningful endeavor I have undertaken to date.

In creating this project, I hoped to foster empathy on the topics of mental health and mental illness by creating a monologue-based play that showcases the real stories of individuals in our community. I essentially created the play by holding one-on-one interviews, transcribing the interviews, and editing them for length, clarity, grammar, and organization. After writing the show, I hosted auditions in August, selected a cast, and buckled down to get the show performance-ready in a short, two-week rehearsal process. See below for production photos, the program, and the performance video.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 8.09.34 PM.png

Addison: Olivia Cartwright                Sandra: Portia Durant

Israel: Andrew Nicolas                      Christie: Libby Smith

Amy: Rebecca Carroll                        Haille: Marielle Wyatt

Meron: Arielle Roberts                      Robin: Alicia Nolley

Fred: Keaton Brandt

Stage Manager: Collin Pittmann     Assistant Director: Rachel Nicole Poole

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