Since February 2021, I have been acting as the artist in residence at First Place, an apartment complex with "supportive housing for adults with autism, Down syndrome and other neurodiversities." In Spring 2021, I deepened the relationship building portion of this creative partnership and facilitated weekly theatre games sessions--most of them based around a song from a musical or musical movie suggested by the residents. In Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, I have been overseeing a co-production of The Wizard of Oz (YPE) with First Place. Residents offered feedback in Spring 2021 that they wanted to do a 


musical theatre games & Producing a musical

production, so I worked with First Place and the residents to collectively select a musical for us to produce. We have eight First Place residents in the cast, 5 other ASU students on the production team, and we are assembling a group of First Place residents, First Place staff, and ASU students to act as our stage crew. We perform in April 2022 at Phoenix Center for the Arts.

first place az residency

Recess 053.JPG

using childhood play to facilitate shame resilience

 "Monster Recess" will create a space that invites people (specifically ASU students) to reconnect with childhood through playing childhood games from recess and engaging with sensory items reminiscent of childhood. This project will emphasize the freedom of silliness and shame-free play, and it will also offer obstacles (the shame monster) to encourage people to consider how to defeat shame when it creeps in. This project builds on my research into shame resilience (pulling from Brené Brown and bell hooks), and I seek to continue to explore how shame resilience might facilitate accountability and shame-free collective imagination.

I am a member of an artist collective assembled by Kristina Friedgen to create an interactive performance event that seeks to make "DEI" (diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice) training more engaging, fun, and meaningful. We are working to create a cafe with mocktails and "conversation starters" that lead people to form relationships and discuss potentially uncomfortable topics. Our group is composed of ASU students who identify as actors, musicians, graphic designers, animators, and more.

Speak easy

making justice & inclusion training engaging

Everybody @ ASU

Facilitating care-filled rehearsal spaces

Kristina Friedgen and I collaborated to implement our ideas of creating a "Theatre of Radical Compassion" within ASU's production of Everybody by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins. I acted as the "rehearsal facilitator," whereby I planned an initial gathering for the company, co-strategized with Kristina for how to most effectively centralize care and compassion in the rehearsal space, and designed & executed "facilitations" during rehearsals to connect company members, consider themes from the show, and model the type of compassionate community that we want to see on the broader societal level. 

Photography: Tim Trumble

Lighting Design: Dawson Buckholz

Costume Design: Jenna Jacobsen

Scenic Design: Chloe Cobb

intergalactic compassion council

sharing social science research through performance

The "Intergalactic Compassion Council" project sought to share psychological research about cooperation, compassion, and empathy in an accessible manner through a fun, interactive performance. The ICC ultimately aimed at fostering greater compassion in the community by equipping audiences with tools for how to be more compassionate across differences. The project sought to use a problem posing model (Freire) whereby space aliens came to ask earthlings to help them determine how to best apply the knowledge they had just learned. Each alien shared research through stories from their own planet and walked audience members through a participatory activity as well.