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In the end, I emerged with an interactive performance piece where the Play Monsters invited people to play freely with the toys and objects in the "recess" space. In the midst of this play, the Shame Monster would (in a silly way) interrupt the play by shaming one of the Play Monsters or telling people that they had to play the "shame way." After a certain number of disruptions, one of the Play Monsters would get upset and if a participant comforted them, the Play Monster would tell them about the Book of Monster that tells about the "Legend of the Shame Monster" and what the participants needed to do to make the Shame Monster stop being so mean (and to get the Shame Monster to play with everyone again). Participants had the option to engage at various levels, including as a "wader" who simply played or observed play in the space, as a "swimmer" who engaged in play and interacted with the Shame Monster, and as a "diver" who sought the Book of Monster and had conversations with the Shame Monster. 
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